Шерстяные одеяло и подушки для всех сезонов

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All-Season Wool Comforter and Pillow

Двойной щелчок по изображению для просмотра в полный размер


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Wool’s unique attributes make it the ideal choice for healthy bedding. Using 100% unbleached cotton casing and pure wool fill, our wool comforters and other bedding options offer a luxurious, healthy sleep environment. The unique physical structure of wool fibers allows it to absorb and store moisture as required, and to release it. Wool fibers also have the ability to trap small pockets of air, providing you with wool comforters that feature insulating properties that keep you at the ideal temperature in every season and climate. Order your comfortable new wool comforter today! • Pure virgin sheep's wool fill • 100% unbleached cotton cover • Resists mold, mildew and bacterial build-up • Ideal for allergy sufferers, repels dust mites • Wicks away moisture from skin • Wool will not shift or clump • Comforter is lightweight and perfect for all seasons

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